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Kids Fun Stuff

Here is some FUN and SAFE websites for you to visit. Have Fun...and remember...NEVER tell anyone your name, phone number or where you live! "Play it Safe," says Aunt Christy!

Adopt Your Own Net Pet Fish (Watch it really grow!)

My Disney Kitchen ( Make some yummy food!)

Crayola ( Lot of Crayon Fun!)

Cartoon Network (Visit your favoriate Cartoon!)

Disney (Where the Magic Lives OnLine!)

Fox Kids (Join the Fox Kids Culb!)

Nickelodeon (Wacky Fun Here!)

The White House For Kids (Write President Clinton a Letter!)

Bill Nye the Science Guy (What will he be doing today?)

USA Gymnastics (GO USA!)

Sports Illustrated For Kids (What's your favoriate sport?)

Kids World ( Lots to do here!)

Time for Kids ( Lot of Information here!)

American Soccer (Good site for Soccer Moms and Dads too!)

Education Place (kids clubhouse here!)

Kids After School Club House (Homework help here!)

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum (Is the moon made out of cheese? Find out here)

Hangman (This game is FUN!)

If you know of any Cool Sites for Kids, email me the website address and Aunt Christy will add them to this page!

Click Here to email Aunt Christy :)

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