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Operation Unity Reading
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O.U.R. Garden-Lt. Governor

Watching OUR Garden Grow

Michigan's Lt. Governor-Dick Posthumus "growing up working with my grandfather on our family farm, he always used to tell me, "You have to start with the basics. You can' t bring in the harvest without first planting the seed."

As a child, I never quite understood what he meant. As I grew up, however, I realized those words could especially be applied to the ability to read. In order for Michigan' s children to reap the benefits of a quality education, they must first have the seeds of reading planted within them.

Lt. Governor Dick Posthumus
Reading to our students

West will be making a garden throughout the month of March. As our students read, read, and read, our garden will grow!
(pictures will be placed on this site later in March!)

"Today a reader--tomorrow a leader."
-- W. Fusselman